At Cal Maciarol we open our doors again on March 17, 2023.

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Cal Maciarol

Cal Maciarol are a family in Àger dedicated to the housekeeping business with over 20 years experience in the rural tourism sector. Over the years, we have evolved to offer a range of catering services, accommodation and development of any activity.

Since our inception, we have helped to develop the rural tourism area in Àger territory looking for those unique ideas to give quality service to our customers, after all, they are our friends.

Cal Maciarol Starlight Country Holiday House

Our Country Holiday House has a Starlight certification to preserve the darkness of the sky, that is why we have adapted all the lighting in order to preserve this feature that so identifies us in this Valley.

cal maciarol hotel starlight

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Our country holiday house is located in the middle of the forest, it is 2 km from the Àger center and it is situated just 1 km from the Montsec Astronomical Observatory. You are welcome to visit Cal Maciarol, a relaxing ambient, whith pleasant service and exquisite traditional home cooking.

Come and enjoy the Àger Valley and choose from a wide range of activities.



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